What are the key benefits of WHMCS Integration Services?


If you want to offer value-added services to your customers, you can start a web hosting business or provide web services. If you are a developer (or web designer), you can ensure that you keep the relationship continuing with your client after finishing the development. You can do this by offering a bunch of additional services. You can start using a full-featured web hosting client management panel like WHMCS.

What is WHMCS?

It is a customer management panel that helps streamline the web hosting services’ creation and management. WHMCS is an acronym for Web Host Manager Complete Solution, and it was developed to be a control panel. It worked towards enabling self-service provisioning of cPanel web hosting accounts through the Web Host Manager control panel.

With the help of WHMCS, you can add a cart system on your websites, allowing customers to buy your web hosting services. But the cart will be different from the usual cart because there will be automated provisioning of the web-hosting account on the server.

After a customer buys a service, WHMCS incorporates different web hosting servers and relevant apps. The panel not only accepts the payment but also creates a user account for the customer they can use for managing their service.

WHMCS simplifies the customer creation, onboarding, and management processes. It helps to create cPanel accounts and also for automated provisioning.

Benefits of WHMCS

Now that you know what WHMCS is, you may already have an idea about its features. You might want to learn more about the advantages of WHMCS integration before you want to add it to your WordPress website.

WHMCS or Web Host Manager Complete Solution is used by web hosting resellers too and it is a one-stop solution for all hosting requirements. You will be able to manage all the data related to your clients in one place.

•             Security and Privacy

WHMCS is known for the high-end security it provides, making it highly reliable for its users. It has won the trust by proving its reliability and has regular updates, protects against invalid login attempts, and provides security alerts.

•             Data Manager

WHMCS makes customer management easy by providing all your customer details in a single dashboard. It helps you manage all customer data, including minute details like transaction tab, emails, invoices, etc.

•             Automation

WHMCS will help you complete your regular tasks without having to do them manually. You should know how to set it up so that it can automatically do daily tasks, like Currency Auto Update Settings, Data Retention Settings, Credit Card Charging Settings, Domain Reminder Settings, etc.

•             Customization

WHMCS offers different configuration options which will be unique to your business. You can use the customization options according to your business needs. For example, you can customize the templates, themes, and modules.

•             Billing and Payments

Because of the WHMCS-enabled automation, you can use it for billing and payment-related functions like the generation of invoices and sending reminders of due payments to clients, all automatically.

•             Support System

WHMCS allows you to set up a better and more efficient customer support system. This will help the customers to easily contact you if they want to report any issue they are facing. Their tickets are easily accepted when they ask for help. Furthermore, it will also help you reach your clients easily for solving service-related problems.

Why choose MindBees integration packages?

You must have realized that WHMCS is the solution for all your hosting needs and it will highly benefit you if you integrate it into your website. With over 15 years of experience in end-to-end digital solutions, MindBees has earned its reputation for offering cost-effective and user-centric solutions and we have crafted two WHMCS integration packages. You can select one which is most suitable for your business.

When you choose a MindBees WHMCS integration package, we will not only install and update the core software. Our experts will assist you with the customization of WHMCS like the integration of a cart template and Clientarea template that matches your existing website. Additionally, we will help you with personalized module creation, customize your theme, and help with the complete automation process.


Because we have a successful 5-step methodology for implementing and integrating WHMCS according to your need where we:

  1. Gather project requirements in detail.
  2. Carry out a detailed analysis of your requirements and decide the best course of action.
  3. Develop WHMCS templates or a module by our expert designers and developers to match your requirement.
  4. Carry out detailed checks by experts focusing on the guidelines, functionalities, and design elements.
  5. Providing support for an impeccable WHMCS integration and then helping fix any issues by staying involved.
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